Saturday, October 30, 2010


Not much change this morning. They came in and checked me about 4:00 this morning and I was about 4cm. I was also having a problem with the fluids they were giving me. They were going in but not coming out. So they gave me some lasiks (I am sure I just butchered the spelling of that) and I have to wear these things on my legs that are like blood pressure cuffs and fill up with air and squeeze my legs every couple of minutes. About 5:00 they started my pitocin again and I was feeling some pain so they gave me a bolster of the epidural. Now I am feeling comfortable and just waiting to make some progress. The doctor should be here before long and he will check me again. Hopefully I have made some progress!


  1. Dear Courtney!
    We just lit a candle for you in our chapel a few minutes ago.
    I continue praying and Valentina emphasizes every word with a big kick Inside my belly. May Bella have a good journey right into your arms...I am convinced, she takes her time as she needs it. You are so positive and courageous!
    Once again Lot's of love from Germany!

  2. Praying for progress!! My Briar took his time patient (way easier to say than to do!) and enjoy those kicks and punches. They are so precious :) Loving you from Georgia!!

  3. been thinking a lot about you all - thanks for the updates :-)

  4. Thanks for update, still praying.

  5. On my mind and in my prayers all day as we have been on the road. First thing I did was check your blog when we returned home this evening. Pray you and Ella are still doing well.

  6. Dear Courtney and family, I am coming over from Iko`s blog and wanted to wish you all the best for your l&d and also that you can have a wonderful time with your surely georgous baby. Today, thinking of and praying you and all the others who have to walk this path.

    From Germany,

  7. Ikos (Ikomamis) friends and family are thinking of you in Germany and Switzerland.
    Auntie Lolo