Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Week Ultrasound

First and foremost a HUGE thank you to my friend Melanie for doing this ultrasound for us! It was so good to see Miss Ella again even if she didn't exactly want to cooperate. She is wedged down really low and was moving around like crazy and it made it really hard to get a good shot of her. Melanie was also able to tell me that my fluid levels are a bit high. In a normal pregnancy at 30 weeks amniotic fluid levels are usually around 12-14 cm. I have about 20 cm of amniotic fluid. But the good news is that Ella is exactly the size she should be for a 30 week baby. And as always she looked pretty perfect except for the fact that she is missing the top of her head! So here are a few pictures of Ella!

Ella from the outside! (Pay no attention to my messy bathroom)

A shot of her little nose and mouth.

In this picture you can see where her head ends and a little bit of her brain sticking up out of her skull.

She has her hand on top of her face above her nose like she is saying "Enough with the pictures already!"

This is one of my favorites! She was putting her thumb in her mouth to suck it.

A profile shot.

A picture of her sweet feet! (Melanie assured me that her legs were not cut off it was just the angle of the shot!:-))


  1. Courtney, she looks just like u!!! She's beautiful!! So glad I got to see u!!

  2. Oooh - how precious! It still amazes me how perfectly every other part of our sweet babies develops...hmmm.

    You look mighty good too lady - didn't even notice the bathroom until you told me not to :-)

  3. Omgosh, Court! She is so freaking adorable! Melissa - that shot where her hand is on her face reminded me of what you told me about Sammy's u/s how you read that they do that a lot!

    As per the last three times I had to roll my eyes at your beautiful pregnant body, you're adorable. <3 LOL

    Can't wait to hug that belly, girl...and after meeting Sammy and his precious little self, I am working my hardest to figure out a way to be there for Ella too.

  4. Courtney, Ella is gorgeous! You're the cutest pregnant mama ever!

  5. You are a very pretty pregnant lady! And you stay so positive on this blog. I really think you inspire other mothers to appreciate their children and also encourage mothers who have difficulties with their children. Thank you for sharing this experience- I am learning a lot and I am praying for you that you will continue to enjoy your Ella and get peace that passes understanding.

  6. Courtney, you are such a beautiful, strong person! I'm in awe of you & Miss Ella, too!

    From: LaChelle (Rawson) Jackson

  7. First of all, you are ADORABLE! Second, she is so beautiful!! Look at those lips!! And those feet!! SO perfect!! I am glad she is normal size (Briar was too, for his gestational age...despite all the fluid!)....hopefully she'll be a chunk when she comes :) Praying for the rest of the journey!! You are awesome Courtney!!

  8. Wow, I don't know how I missed this post, but I'm so glad I came here today. You are carrying Ella inside of you and I'm carrying her in my heart. Thank you for sharing her with us - I was thrilled to meet her today.

    The reason I came here today was to tell you about the the Focus on the Family broadcast today and yesterday. You may already know about this couple and their daughter, but if you don't please check it out. I know it will bless and affirm all the choices you have made. The mom also does a blog

    Always in my prayers