Tuesday, October 26, 2010

E Day

Well, it looks like Friday is Ella day! They are going to induce me on Friday morning. I am so glad! And so heartbroken. This is not how I pictured this going. I was supposed to be induced at 39 or 40 weeks. Not 33. I pictured a chubby newborn baby. Not a tiny preemie. But I hadn't bargained on all of this dumb fluid! I am so miserable. My back and my ribs are killing me. No matter what I do or what position I am in it hurts. I know I can't go on much longer like this. At least not without losing my mind. So instead of a December birthday she will be born in October. I am just praying that labor will go quickly and smoothly and we will get some time to spend together as a family before we have to say goodbye. I know the next couple of days are going to be hard, physically and emotionally. I am just hoping Friday our hospital room is filled with joy as we welcome our 4th child into the world.


  1. I am praying for you girl you are incredibly strong and the lord will help you through this.

  2. I will be praying for a beautiful, sweet day as you spend time with your precious Ella.

  3. Courtney, I will b thinking of u guys all wkend. I am happy and sad for u at the same time so I can't imagine how u feel! Praying for u!

  4. I will pray all day on Friday for you and your family.

    Do you have something like this arranged? http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/about_us/ I know a friend who had this and it was very nice.

  5. Oh, Courtney, I am so sorry to hear this! We pray for you and your family! May Ellas birthday be filled with beautiful moments, Love and blessings... May the Coming days be full of peace and labor as easy as possible.
    Felling closeley connected to you despite not knowing you,
    Iko and family

  6. You don't know me, but I'a a friend of Krista Wilson. I've been keeping track of you and your story. I've so enjoyed it. Your faith is something I respect and hope to have one day! Your family is in my prayers and thoughts! I pray you have a safe delivery. God Bless You!

  7. Ella is such a blessing...a 4th little miracle to add to your family - and she will always be part of your family. I am praying for you and I am so confident that whatever happens, God will be with you covering you with His love, mercy and peace. Can't wait to see her pictures! Love, Stacy

  8. It was so weird to have a September birthday instead of December. Briar's due date is coming up in a couple weeks and it's just weird. But you know that this is God's plan for sweet Ella...this perfect timing. Love you!

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Courtney!

  10. I will be thinking of you with all my heart! May your courage help you and may you have a smooth delivery to soon have sweet little Ella in your arms!
    I do not know you but heard of you via a very close friend.
    I will enclose you and your family in my prayers!

  11. Dear Courtney, I am the sister of ikomami, who is due on january 3.
    We are reading your blog, because ikomami is in the same situation as you are.
    I am feeling with you, as good as I can.
    I wish you strength and courage for Friday. I wish you a joyful time with Ella and that your physical pain gets less.
    I also say a prayer for you, that you can feel Jesus standing next to you in all these painful hours and days.
    Big hug from Berlin, Germany.
    Auntie Lolo

  12. Dear Courtney!!!

    I also give You a huge hug with lots of love!!!
    I wish and pray that You feel that You are not alone! And that You always know that what You do is to love like God loves You. Until saying... Where are You God, why did You leave me!
    I love You for what You are living deeply and thank You from my shivering heart...
    HE may bless You with alllll You need!
    johanna from Germany - in these days I will bring You especially into our cathedral in cologne!

  13. Oh Courtney!! What a bittersweet moment. My heart aches for you and Jacob and the kiddo's. I admire your strength and courage as I do not know if I could handle it as well as you. I hope and pray you get your time with Miss Ella and that she feels your heart and mind with a life time of memories of your sweet babygirl. I pray your delievery is safe and fast.
    Lots of love,
    Jessica,Brock,and Adelyn Eddings

  14. Courtney i've been thinking about you often and praying for you and your family, and of course little Miss Ella. I'm sorry you are in so much pain, I pray the Lord brings you peace and strength in the future as you sell your precious hello's, and goodbye's, to your beautiful baby #4.

  15. But now, thus says the Lord, who created you, O Jacob,
    And He who formed you, O Israel;
    "Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by your name:
    You are mine.
    When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
    And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
    When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
    Nor shall the flame scorch you.
    For I am the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior."
    Isaiah 43:1-3

    My heart and prayers are with you and your family. God holds you and Ella in His hands tomorrow and always.

    Praying always,

    Cindy and Alan

  16. Sending all my love and prayers your way! May God give you all peace as you treasure whatever time you have with your precious Ella.

  17. I am thinkingof you a Lot today. It is already lunch time in Germany and i imagine the Sun rises over Ellas birthday in missouri right now. I pray for you!

  18. Praying you get some time with her!

  19. I will be thinking of you and your family and pray for a peaceful beautiful time with your precious Ella...

  20. Praying for you and your family today and will be awaiting updates tomorrow, on Ella's birthday. I know for certain that Ella's meeting her family tomorrow can be beautiful, peaceful and celebratory - as our meeting Sammy 3 weeks ago today was. I pray for you to be held, protected and guided in a supernatural way. May your time with her be sacred and special.

    (Melissa's Mom)

  21. Courtney,
    I happened to see a post on FB from Janice White and so I went to the link for your blog. I'm just a stranger who wanted to write and tell you I'll be thinking and praying for you tomorrow! I hope all goes well for you and your family and you get as much precious time with little Ella as possible! God Bless you and your family,

  22. a candle is burning at mother mary`s picture for your whole beloved and chosen family - may the "light of the world" be with and in you all!deeply connected by heart over the ocean marie-inez