Friday, December 17, 2010

Ella's Ornaments

Sweet Feet!

A gift from my mom.

A picture ornament.

The Roth family Christmas tree!


  1. Isn't it good to know Ella lives forever in heaven, waiting so patiently for the rest of you to join her!

    Wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed Christmas!

  2. Very beautiful ornaments to always remember Ella by, pretty tree! I hope this first Christmas without her isn't too difficult for you. There is so much joy at this time of year, it's hard when you are sad...thinking of you always. Love, Jess

  3. pretty ornaments. I haven't been on in a while...just starting to feel slightly "normal" again. whatever that means, but I love your tree. Christmas for us was good and hard. Seems to go with the theme of our babies lives, right? The line we walk between joy and sorrow. Hope you had a good Christmas with good memories of your Ella Joy. She was blessed to have you as a Mama. I hope your heart is doing well. thinking of you, Stacy

  4. I just wanted to say I miss your posts. Been praying for you during this difficult time, that God will comfort you. Love the pictures of Ella too.